We recently had a show at The Blue Elephant Gallery with the theme “paper”. Work could be in any format or style as long as we utilized this very basic material. I chose to make a pile of hand painted & assembled flowers that would climb up the wall. Such fun! I love using common materials & with that in mind decided to use coffee filters. It was fun to see how surprised people were once they found this out!


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This past weekend I hosted my first “pay what you can” crafternoon & it was so wonderful!
We made felted soap & I think that everyone had a great time. Both the kids & their adults.

I also visited one of my favorite shops, The Muse (shopthemuse.com) where I demonstrated some basic book making to celebrate National Craft Month. I really enjoyed sharing some tips & encouraging visitors to give it a try.

I can’t wait to plan some more fun events & classes!

So weird


When I went off  to college, there was no way I could have imagined what to expect. Early morning painting classes in a cold building with easels that could collapse on you at any moment surely had never crossed my mind. In spite of all that, I loved painting. One day during class my teacher came by to check out my work. We were painting from a model. He looked at my painting & then at me & just said “you’re weird”. Um… Ok. Thanks? It wasn’t said in a mean way just sort of stating a fact or observation like “your hair looks nice today”. Now all these years later as I sit in front of this painting all I keep thinking is “yup, weird. Thank goodness!” I’m just me & that’s that. As I always say – weird is good & never boring.