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why ra!nTM?

Your customers install your branded ra!n app, log in, and then select files or directories to start uploading immediately. Everything ends up in your cloud storage automatically and securely.

  • ra!n is simple to use, reliable, and easy to integrate with your application or service via our API.

  • ra!n ensures that all your critical uploads & deliverables get to where they need to be.

  • ra!n makes your file uploads run efficiently, securely, and most importantly, through you, not a third-party vendor.

  • ra!n just works.

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The minimum commitment is $3,000, which includes:

  • Uploads to your Google Cloud Storage of up to 30TB in aggregate

  • Branded version (with your logo and corporate messaging)

  • Customer-support

  • After that, it's only 10c a gigabyte

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