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We're Getting Married

Our Story

Michelle and Brian first connected in a very millennial way: through Instagram. At the time, they were living in different states, in two incomparable worlds: Michelle in finance living in NYC and Brian a touring musician based in Nashville but on the road.

They'd been randomly "Following" each other for months before they even spoke. Then in January 2015, while scrolling Insta, Michelle came across Brian's recent posts and "Liked" them. With Brian's curiosity piqued, he did some scrolling as well, before sending a direct message with an effective pick up line. Clearly, it worked: the two started texting daily, which led to a phone call and eventually video chat. They were casually getting to know one another and enjoyed hearing what life was like in each other's world, yet had no initial intention to meet in person, let alone pursue any kind of relationship.

Eventually, Brian mentioned he'd be in the area and would love to meet in person. So on February 23rd, 2015, they went on their first date at Banc, a restaurant nearby Michelle's apartment, and then a speakeasy called The Back Room where they shared their first dance and first kiss. It was the first time they met in person but felt like they'd known each other for years.

Anyone that knows Michelle understands her passion for travel. In passing, she mentioned she hadn't been on vacation in a while and was planning a solo trip that spring. By luck would have it, Brian was playing in Maui a few weeks later, Michelle's favorite place. Brian suggested she fly out to Maui instead of taking a solo trip elsewhere, and after their successful first date she didn't hesitate to plan and make it work.

Two weeks later, Michelle flew out to Maui to meet Brian for the second time in person. After a week together on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, their lives were forever changed.

August 24th, 2019

Westhampton Beach, NY

Wedding Details

When & Where

Our ceremony and reception will be held at 5615496802, located at 231 Dune Rd, Westhampton Beach, NY 11978. The ceremony will begin around 5pm, followed by cocktail hour, the reception, and an after-party at the venue.



"You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or their fancy car,
but because they sing a song only you can hear"

- Oscar Wilde



The Day They Got Engaged

The 4th of July as many know is one of Michelle's favorite holidays, so they planned a full day out of it with their close friends Alyssa & Greg: Beachtime in Rockaway, and tickets to a BBQ themed event at River Park with the perfect view for them all to watch the famous Macy's Fireworks along the East River.

Midway through the fireworks show, Brian asked Alyssa and Greg to take a few pictures of them. After requesting one more, he turned to her with a long pause and face that she read immediately. It was happening. "OMG... now? How?" That didn't matter. All that did was that he was now down on one knee. In a blur of emotions, she said "YES!" even before Brian could ask the question. But he insisted on asking formally. He then said a few things including the question that every girl eagerly waits her whole life to hear: "Will you marry me?"

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Wedding             Day after Brunch