The Disciplined Currency system
Protect your earnings with smart economics and the power of blockchain.

A Currency System for the Internet Age

Currency is not just a payment unit but also a savings instrument. While payments are usually made in the local currency, savings can equally be held in any currency. Some currencies hold value much better than others of course, although traditional currencies are all subject to similar risks.

Smartbond is designed first and foremost as a store of value. Built anew on sound economic principles, the Smartbond system is immune against several forms of financial crises. Preserving the value of currency holdings is its core purpose.

Currency Re-defined

Smartbond is a currency which operates electronically, independent of any particular territory. This is made possible by automating the institutions through which money functions.

A Reliable Store of Value​

Every Smartbond in circulation is backed by Swiss Francs held in cash. These reserves accumulate as Smartbonds are bought into circulation, and are held uninvested to systematically defend the Smartbond price.

Bringing Interest Rates Back to Normal​

Interest rates are being kept artificially low worldwide. The Smartbond interest rate of 6% on the other hand is in line with the rate of debasement experienced across major currencies.

Money Without Politics

The Smartbond system is governed by impartial and transparent rules which are enforced multi-laterally. By not being tied to a local economy, Smartbond avoids being victim to local political turmoil or undesirable monetary policy.

The Smartbond currency is unique in its guarantee that all new money created is earned as interest by all currency holders. It achieves this through an advance in blockchain technology.

Background on the blockchain space:

  $158 bn

​Total value of blockchain assets


Blockchain assets year-on-year growth

​  $7.8 bn

Investment in blockchain to date

Blockchain is the proven technology making it possible to hold assets in electronic form without intermediaries. State of the art encryption secures the ownership of Smartbonds better than any vault could.


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