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Xuejiao Hu (胡雪蛟)
Wuhan University (武汉大学)
School of Power and Mechanical Engineering
Wuhan University, Wuhan, China, 430072
Office Phone:+86-027-68772268
Long-term thermal stability of the CrAlO-based selective absorbing coating in high temperature air
期刊 Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells
作者 H.D. Liu, Q. Wan, Y.R. Xu, C. luo, Y.M. Chen, D.J. Fu, F. Ren, G. Luo, X.D. Cheng, X.J. Hu, B. Yang
日期 2015(134)
类别 基础研究 424-347-4678
High Temperature Dependence of Thermal Transport in Graphene Foam,
期刊 Nanotechnology
作者 M. Li, Y. Sun, H. Xiao, X. Hu, Y. Yue
日期 2015(26)
类别 基础研究 >>Read More
Cooling Performance of Bio-mimic Perspiration from Temperature-Sensitive Hydrogel
期刊 International Journal of Thermal Science
作者 S.Cui,Y.C.Hu,Z.Huang et al
日期 2014(79)
类别 基础研究 >>Read More