Over the years I’ve done various things to get better about reaching my goals. One of the most recent things I’ve done is going to sleep at a good time and just getting up earlier. I usually get up at 4am now! It was pretty hard at first but it has had two great benefits. 

  • I’m well rested. Rather than staying up and working I’m refreshed in the morning. 
  • No distractions. I like to spend time with the family when I get home and can just focus on that. When I get up early the kids are all asleep and I can focus on my goals. 

I’ve done the normal thing where I set goals for myself for year and track them in a tool like Smartsheet or Trello boards. 

Now I got even more granular and started a board for each day and create lanes for what I want to accomplish in the day. 

The ideal job search for a Software Developer

Recently I’ve been thinking about how recruiters reach out to developers about jobs. I have a first world problem where frequently a recruiter reaches out to me about a job. The message is usually vague and mentions “world changing startup…..” It will list out how I am a great candidate and sometimes even mention that the CTO personally wants to interview me!

I’m not interested in changing jobs so I usually politely let them know. It got me to thinking what would I look for in a job. What would I want to be able to search on. 

Here’s what I came up with. I want to be able to search for jobs in the following way :

  • The tech stack
  • Team size
  • Is work from home allowed
  • Is partial work from home allowed
  • Medical benefits
    • Benefits just for me or family as well
  • 401k match?
  • Interview style
  • Sample interview questions
  • Culture
  • Does the job have flexible hours ?
  • Intensity of work environment 
  • An actual salary range
  • What’s the turnover rate?
  • Average time till long till promotion?
  • What’s the career growth potential?

Wouldn’t it be cool if this information was available and for a company to list a job many of these fields are required?

What do you think?