TappMeUp, do more with Time.

How did we manage to run our busy, complex and fast paced lives and business without TappMeUp, who knows??? See below to find out how TappMeUp is set to change the world of connectivity, services, organisation and much more.

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We come armed with positive disruptive technology, rewriting the book on how we connect, communicate, plan, and essentially run our lives and our businesses all day everyday.

TappMeUp introduces event driven chat (TappUp), Delivering the fast and flexible payment technology, Media Management, diary synchronisation and instant one touch functionally for instant and fast interaction.

Use to plan weddings, stag parties, charity events, your business appointments, deliveries, allocation of work and location for your staff, competitions, social events, dinner with your family, setting your kids play dates, cultural trips, nights out, football games, sporting events, Schools, Nursery’s, Colleges and Universities and all required payments for such.

Use in business, manage all your customer appointments, whether your beautician, own a salon, run a tattoo studio, milkman, window cleaner, driving instructor, online tutor. Whatever you are, whatever your business does TappMeUp can help you ensure your customer are connected, diarised and turn up! With fully integrated payment for speed of full or deposit part payment upfront or at the point of completion.

With profiles unique to TMU, with a ‘Tappy factor’ for business and social plus accounts, showing your TMU scoring for services delivered. Giving you the power to promote your skills and services, With the ability to search for Services/Skills, where you can connect, book and be booked. Enabling you to growing your business and presence in your field of expertise or of which ever products or services you offer to the world.

We are Agnostic of any industry, service, product or offering, enabling you to be creative in make new businesses to thrive, or growing your existing business lines or personal endeavours. There are no limits with TappMeUp

A company driven on creativity, ethically led, customer focused and for all to use. Here to ensure business and individuals alike can thrive in business, communities can grow and connect and we all can make the most of time. We will ensure focus on those most in need who will receive our support.

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Event Driven Chat

Be organised creating a TappUp and speaking with your buddies and/or customers about your event, share media, and keep your TappUps organised and safe.

Connections – Relationships

Connect to your friends, family, customers, staff and more, through relationships. With preset options and ability to create your own you can easily classify, fund and create TappUps with your relationship groups. Admins and Staff enable extended functions and privileges to your company or personal plus profile and TappUps.

Diary Sync for Social and Business Profiles

Sync your diary with your phone, and set relationships with other to share and administer your personal plus or business profiles.


Request, manage and track payments with your buddies, family members and to any business or service available. Multiple methods of payment, for you to utilise, creating options and ease of process including, Apple & Android Pay and other mobile payments.

Service and Skill Search

List yours and or your company skills and services, and be found in the connection hashtag search functions. You can too find any service or skill set you are looking for, connect to and book direct.

Feedback Loop

Customers can only leave feedback for TappUps that they have received, ensure no unsolicited responses and genuine reviews.

Profile Switching

Seamlessly and quickly alternate between your personal (personal +) account and your businesses.

Staff and Job Management

Manage customers, staff, freelancers and business partners time and engagement in one place, with ease and purpose.

Run Multiple Businesses in One Place

Manage as many businesses as you wish on TMU, each with a separate profile, connections, payments, calendar and TappUps.in one place with full automation and notifications.

Features at a glance

See what TappMeUp has to offer, functionality here to change the way you run and organise your busy lives, helping grow businesses and heighten customer engagement. Most importantly saving time, encouraging us all to do more with life.

Feedback Loop

Customers can only leave feedback for TappUps that they have received, ensure no unsolicited responses and genuine reviews.

Deposits and Payments

Take deposits for all your TappUps or full payment including point of sale.

TappUp Share

You can share your TappUps with an admin and see one another’s calendar and joint comments and edit TappUps and Chats.

Media Management

Store, manage and maintain event media in all forms in one place with ease of retrieval and sharing.

Single Click TappUp Responses

Customers and social users can quickly and easily leave their current status and send a cancellation for a TappUp, avoiding no-shows and last minute let downs.

End-To-End Quality

Only highly rated suppliers allowed who consistently receive equal to or higher than 3-Stars.