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I have a few things I need to do.

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

He told the truth, otherwise he would have been punished.


I belong to the karate club.

It's obvious Kyung doesn't know anything.

Here's a picture of them.

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He showed his agreement by a sight inclination of his head.


Frankly speaking, he was quite shy.

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This experiment was unsuccessful.

Don't run. Walk slowly.

Tricia is the only person who can help me now.

We went through St. Louis on the way to New Orleans.

You ought to do away with this practice.


I never expected this.

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I won't betray her.


The dog kept barking all night.

The machine was coated with dust.

Our idea did not work in practice.


I must remind you about your promise.

Patrice hid the money in her bra.

His translation is faithful to the original.


She turned down his advances.

What was Joanne told?

Where is the hospital shop?

How can we save the earth?

I'm supposed to be here all afternoon.

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Cole is the only one likely to be able to do that.


He's not a boy anymore.

You're in love.

Juan always seems worried about what other people think about him.


Michel has gone to get Patty.

What was the first thing Dan requested?

Do we know when they'll make their decision?

I know exactly where I am.

Guy got into a fight with Warren's brother and got his nose broken.


I warmed myself at the fire.

The tree that does not bear fruit is cut down.

He gave us quite a lot of trouble.

"Teacher, have you read this book?" "Of course."

The number of visitors to Singapore has increased year by year.

It's a good thing that this happened during the rehearsal and not the performance!

They have kids.

This is the first time I've ever fired a worker.

I like to make faces at Peter.

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Do you know how much sugar Taurus bought?


Hunter got Martha to cook dinner.

We've waited long enough.

Here is the Paris - Lyon train schedule.

Frances was very angry and I was, too.

Shamim is also a friend of Dwight's.

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Are you done yet?

Pilot isn't making much sense.

Mother is now involved in tennis.


Sundaresan decided to try sleeping without a pillow.


I am sure of success.

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I could have you killed.

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Dogs aren't allowed in this hotel.

I tried to write with the left hand.

I wish to be a singer come what may.

Everybody hoped that Ole wouldn't die.

There's absolutely no chance of that happening.

I'm ahead in my work.

I made a temporary repair to the broken door.

Time after time I've invited them to come over and visit us but time and time again they've never come.

I see the two of you are having a good time.


Life is made of encounters and partings.


He is going to help you.

That's incurable.

Up till now America has called itself the world's police and continued suppression relying on military force.

You can't go along this road. It is under repair.

I've worked with Sandeep a long time.

He asked me who I was.

May the way of the hero lead to the Triforce.

They ate lunch together.

Don't miss this opportunity.

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The baby was crying in bed.

Come the day after tomorrow.

Don't be so gloomy about the future.

The president was very serious about your overseas assignment.

How do you know that light travels faster than sound?


Santa climbed up a ladder to get to the roof.

The children are visitors.

I've lived abroad for ten years.

We've got very little time.

I suppose we could walk.

I had no idea you guys were getting married. You should've told me earlier, darn it.

The boy is the same age as my brother.

I just want you to tell me why you lied.

I've made the same mistake myself.

I'm learning Scottish Gaelic.

He has been living in Ankara since 2006.

That was a complete waste of time.

I didn't have the nerve to ask Johan that question.


Vassos climbed onto the roof.

The aristocrat clings to the glory of his past.

I've heard that.


Come on! I will show you the taste of defeat.

Morgan relaxed a little.

For us, English was the language to fall back on when we couldn't make ourselves understood in French.

I met a new friend today.

This book was originally written in French.

I don't want a birthday party this year.

Soon, I'll tell you some good news.

My birthday coincides with yours.

Isaac looked like he'd been up all night.

Let's drink something?

She has been a nominee on five occasions, three of them in consecutive years.

No one answers.

If you just listen to what the teacher says, you'll be able to become a good student.

With that act you could join the circus!

I love it.


I'm sure that'll really be appreciated.

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I am now old and I cannot manage all things.

What's that?

This scarf feels soft.


Have I made the right decision?


There's a job opening at the store across the street.

I know that Jef doesn't like Shutoku.

Those damnable pigeons have again dirtied my car.


That girl isn't stupid.

Jeannie ate the salad that Clare made for him.

Bruce wouldn't talk to anybody.

Anita kicked in the door.

Johan couldn't get the door to close all the way.


Is that depressing?

I hope you have a happy future ahead of you.

Trevor was knocked unconscious.

A husband is what is left of a lover, after the nerve has been extracted.

Her behaviour toward me was a departure from the norm.

That's what they're worried about.

I'm offended.

Stan isn't dishonest.

All I wanted was to make you happy.

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What else do you know about Gregory?


I have not eaten anything for the last three days.


Anatole bragged that he was the best player on the team.


The sky is above the earth.

Phil wiped the sand from her legs.

If you had never gone to Boston, you wouldn't have met Beth.

She was deadly tired.

Since I was bored, I fell asleep.

Jose clearly doesn't want to be doing this.

It's located in Boston.

All of this stationery is his.

I'm equal to my brother in swimming.

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I learned a lot about myself in the process of giving up tobacco.

I can't come right now.

Fool me once, I'm mad. Fool me twice, I'm twice as mad.


I just want us to be together.

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We just have to work very hard.


Dreaming with honey is very different than dreaming with bees.

What can we do to stop them?

We have no intention of marrying. We still barely know each other.


This movie brought tears to my eyes.

She waited patiently for him.

In my youth we used to float down the river on a raft.

The man watches me.

Currency and bond markets are relatively calm.