Vapor Degreasing

When it comes to high-performance cleaning using vapor degreasers, MicroCare is the undisputed industry leader. Our superior chemistries, the depth of our process expertise and our outstanding customer service has earned us the loyalty of customers around the globe.


When “Good Enough” Cleaning Simply Won’t Do

Many companies are finding vapor degreasing to be a faster, more effective and highly cost-effective method of cleaning critical parts. When “good enough” cleaning simply won’t do, speedy solvent cleaning can be the answer you’re seeking.


Today's demanding product performance often requires components machined or stamped to very tight specifications. High-durability ball bearings are a classic example.


The metal finishing industry is a diverse sector. Almost any company that is plating or anodizing would fit this category, or companies making circuit board components, costume jewelry, chrome metal furniture frames, automotive trim and household fixtures like doorknobs.


Today's electronic components run hotter, are smaller and more complex than ever before. This creates situations where dendritic growth or corrosion can proliferate if the cleaning is not perfect.

Featured MicroCare Precision Cleaners


  • Based on new HFO chemistries
  • Featuring enhanced environmental benefits
  • Maximum stability and ease of recycling
  • Strong, aggressive cleaning (high Kb value)

Tergo Chlorine-Free

  • The most economical co-solvent system on the market today
  • Excellent replacement for nPB, Perc or TCE
  • High-temperature cleaning of waxes and buffing compounds
  • Excellent materials compatibility 

Opteon Sion

  • Ultra-low global warming potential (GWP)
  • Optimum boiling point for fast, reliable cleaning
  • Grease degreasing of heavy hydrocarbons
  • Excellent replacement for nPB, Perc and TCE


  • The solvent of choice when maximum cleaning is needed
  • Versatile cleaner of oil, grease, hydraulic fluids and silicones
  • Significantly improved safety profile over older solvents
  • Military and aerospace approvals
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