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60 days free trial

$20 per month

  • All the features you need for email marketing
  • A range of third party apps and integration tools
  • Event management tools
  • Plenty of support and contact channels
  • Detailed reporting and monitoring service

2 Years

$2.95 per month

  • Basic plan starts at $14 per month
  • Opportunity to build your own app
  • Full range of supporting resources

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How Do I Improve My Email Marketing & Glossary of Terms

In this article we wanted to address two things, because they pretty much relate to each other. Firstly, we wanted to offer you some suggestions on the best ways to improve your email marketing campaigns, and we secondly we wanted to go through a few terms and there meanings.

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What Email Marketing Plan is Right For Me?

We know that coming into the email marketing world for the first time can be confusing and tricky. Let’s face it, you are met with so many service providers all offering different things, all with different plans, pricing, features and capabilities. It can leave you with a headache.

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The 5 Steps to The Perfect Email Marketing Campaign

At first, signing up to a new (or your first) email marketing software can be exciting and you will want to send out email after email in the hope of chasing down a few leads or getting in a few orders. Have you ever heard the expression that Rome wasn’t built in a day?

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